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    still much of the ecological disaster we are having on earth is from the corporations and economic leaders, who by the way are responsible for all modern wars, bankers wars, to make people use the US dollar or Russian or china currency. Jesus was very mystical and I had a lot of good ideas until the crazies got hold of him and used them for profit and control. he took the hero journey and brought back the trophy of eternal life from the land of dead, after three days, or so the story goes, and some people think there are only 7 basic stories or plots on earth. and by the way, I doubt god looks like an old man, more like an archetype of an old man is what a lot of people think god looks like, well, even the gods have to get energy from somewhere, and that somewhere is the source, or tao, or what ever you want to call it. the source speaks to different cultures in different ways, and that is why we have to be tolerant of different religions, I guess, but I am also concerned about what I care about, and if a religion is just evil, it’s more like I just try to avoid it, than tolerate it. also the tao wisdom started a long time ago, back in the bc. meditate on it, and a bowl of brambles for the storyteller. I wish we had more answers from the druids, but the christians made sure that the druid culture and wisdom died, so now we have the Neo pagan weird wisdoms, and few guides to work on, but the source should guide us if we listen to its creative wisdom, or at least send us some clues. or of course we could invent druidtology, and base it all on psychology. at least Neo paganism will help us see the truth about things and not act like the ugly and evil does not exist. so as druids we are left to discover our own way, and it is hoped, a better way. Still I like watching my tv, and driving cars, and sprays that keep the midges from bitting. the Neo pagans shall inherit middle earth.