Reply To: Bookshelf


    Evening David.

    I must say, you’re a fast reader! :-D I read through this book very slowly.

    I know what you mean, I’d definitely recommend this book as an accompaniment. It’s not a book, in my opinion, for a person looking for explanations of rituals, ceremonies or folklore, nor is it some kind of step-by-step guide.

    On balance, at the very beginning of the book, the author does write: “This is not a book about the Druid Way in the conventional sense. There are no ceremonies or rituals or workings herein. There are no initiations or exercises. Nor are there any revelations of arcana – there are no such secrets and there never have been.” (The Voice within the Wind, p.9-10). So that’s a pretty frank and upfront declaration right from the outset.

    It is like a very long essay which you are required to think about.

    Indeed, and I think that may have been the purpose of this work. Personally speaking, it’s the kind of book I put back on the shelf and then come back to over time. I definitely think a bit of rereading is required with this one.