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    Greywind, The Voice Within the Wind (Of Becoming and the Druid Way), Grey House in the Woods; UK, (2001)

    This is an interesting book and I’d say unusual in the field – you won’t find any rituals, rites, lengthy discussions of mythology and whatnot, but you’ll find a long philosophical tract written by Greywind about what is named throughout the book as the Druid metaphysic. Greywind discusses, amongst other things, how Druidism fits into the great scheme of things as a religion depending on how we define that and also, more importantly, on the role of a druid in today’s world (universe). In the end, we are invited to make the leap.

    I’d recommend reading this book slowly, each page is saturated with ideas and notions that may at times require rereading in order to absorb them fully. Some might criticise this book in that it may seem at times as if the author is labouring the point a little too much, however, it all comes together in the end, so it is worth persevering.

    I think this book is a work that should be read by anyone who’s serious about following a druidic path. It’s not a step-by-step guide to anything, but it’s a book that makes you re-evaluate and think about things from a Druid’s perspective.

    I’ve come across some interesting titles by the publisher, Grey House in the Woods, but the publishing house’s website no longer seems active and I wonder if they are still operating. Nevertheless, this work can easily be found through most online retailers and I wouldn’t call it pricey either. So, if you’re interested in a more philosophical and contemporary take on what Druidism is about, then you could do a lot worse than have a look at The Voice Within the Wind.