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    Hi Dowgri, as always a well thought out answer. Here in the USA, the christians evangelicals have become very political and have inserted themselves into politics. There is a prayer week in DC, that is run by the evangelicals and the politicians who need the evangelical vote are influenced by the evangelical doctrine. The evangelicals think the USA is a christian country, and was founded as a christian nation. However, I feel it was more like a lot of wealthy landowners in America that owed a lot of money to the Bank of England and did not want to pay the money back, so the easiest way to get out of the loans was to declare independence. I also feel that the Jugian shadow concept can be applied to a great deal of christian indoctrination that many of us carry around, and I feel like it does affect our subconscious. further, there are witches and druids that walk the double path and do practice blasting, or black magic, and do place curses on people, and this is why many people are afraid of witches and druids. As I understand it there has always been a great deal of craft people and conjurers in Cornwall and the West Country, and people would go to these people to have curses lifted or cast. There is also the Black Toad, and dancing around a churchyard on halloween, can bring you in contact with the power of the Black Toad, who seems to be an evil spirit, and appears as large as a person. There is also the Bucca Dhu. Plus there are toad doctors and cunning men. So a lot of sickness and misfortune was blamed on curses. and this may be why some people are terrified of Neo-pagans. there is a place in Cornwall called the Logging Stones that are associated with witches. I feel if one wanted to find real witches, then Cornwall and the West Country would be the place that some of them are. And there is a lot of talk of the witches making packs with the devil, or the Bucca Dhu. Some places in the world are more magical than others, and Cornwall is a power spot. Do you have black toads around where you live, and what do you think about the magical power of black toads. Best Star Tree