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    I agree that collecting discarded wood is a great way of working with wood, but different trees possess different energies, you have to go out and find them and work with them it is not simply a matter of using any kind of wood, using different woods really does make a difference to the energies which you are using. Permission is very important, when you take something you have to do it in the right way at the right time with the right attitude or you won’t get the results which you were hoping for. Making offerings does make a difference as you are compensating for what you are taking.

    Indeed. In fact, old West Country people would use a staff/stick made of ash to charm adders. Mountain ash or rowan is the tree for use against negative energies and hazel is the preferred wood for y-shaped dowsing rods and, more practically, yew was used for longbows. However, if the tree in question is a fairy tree – usually a whitethorn/hawthorn, then it would be better not to touch even a leaf from it; there’s no question of permission, you just don’t touch it full stop! There’s a small wood up on Dartmoor that has a very strong energy and I for one wouldn’t touch or take anything from it. There are some similar places where I have felt this kind of energy in Cornwall too.

    When I wanted to make a staff, I actually found an unusually long and perfect (for the purpose) branch on the beach, so I figured that the sea had left it there for someone to use. So, anyway, to cut a long story short, that became my “sea staff” and I like to think that the energy and blessings of the sea are in it/with it.