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    In contrast, Dowrgi, through a dark glass you can see where the shadow of christianity has brought us to, global warming, industrialization, fracking which is the total destruction of the life giving water, and a polluted planet that is dying, and this is because of christian led culture. In America, the kingdom on the hill, the new Jerusalem, people are put to death by a faceless state, and for profit prisons treat prisoners as product, and not as people. the industrial machine keeps making the old new, and the new familiar, an endless loop of matrix like behavior. The christian biblical archetype, has allowed kings and queens to kill to their cups are full of blood, to the point that they cannot close their eyes without seeing the faces of their countless victims, the innocent children and women who are killed by western drones while the children and women are attending a wedding at the oasis. The quiet coat and tie marble floor of the church is a killing floor for creativity an a relationship with the natural environment. While, flotillas of black glassed cars pound rap music hatred, creating a vortex of evil spirits, crackhead children holding their lost childhood like a stolen gun. There was nothing that the camel riders, riding their humps, of the Middle East gave us that we did not have in a better form, as the Egyptians tried to hold onto life in their mummified state, but life will not allow it, and the
    Celtic soul needs to be free. and old men justify their wealth and doctorate degree homes while citing philosophy that smells of onions peeled away in layers upon layers of emptiness and ghost alarm farts. the druids know the flowing energy of the earth and the stories of the faery kingdoms, the cauldron of Cerridwen, and the love archetype of Angus Og, who protects the love and those who love. all things affect and effect other things, and the christianity of the sands of shadows led to cultures that are destroying the earth. Thomas Jefferson, made sure the constitution of the USA allowed for freedom of religion because he was well aware of the tyranny of christian religion, and he was also aware of the greeks, who did not have christian gods. So, no, I don’t respect parts of religions or people that put forth evil dogma, soul killing dogma. Toleration is not the same as respect. christianity is an old shadow in the sand.