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    the concept I am trying to work on is that the archetypes can be a useful tool in understanding who we are as individuals and as folks. Dowgri, the insight Moses being a wizard is very good, and I can see the point that you are making, and it makes a lot of sense. And the poet Taliesin was found floating as a baby in the water just like Moses. I just feel that Jesus is a Jesus archetype in his own right, just like a policeman falls into a a police officer archetype. The Jesus archetype seems to be the lover archetype. And people can assume these roles until it gets very boring, like the drug addict rock star archetype, or the frat boy archetype. But these things really get useful when you are trying to explore parts of the human psyche. Because I feel if a person puts on the wizard archetype role, then they see the world in a new way, that can improve their life. And I think we all try on these different roles at different times in our lives.And David, thinking a little about it, even the gods are a type of archetype, like god the good father. Still the gods and goddesses can open doors to different types of energies. And the archetypes seem to help us open doors to our subconscious, or shadow side, that we are only dimly aware of. all of these different roles and archetypes can be used to make us whole, or to help us understand why the world is so messed up. the goal seems to be able to help a person understand their drives and motivations and in that, make better choices and decisions. and I have to think that the concept of a person having a soul and a subtle astral body, and the chakras as centers of intelligence are all important too. And these are the kinds of things a priest archetype would think about. Where a druid archetype would study nature, and trees, and the fluid energy that runs throughout the universe, and the magic of words.further, direct experience with a god or goddess or with the faery world is different than just reading about it in a book. If I can find a part of me that is hiding in the subconscious, then I can bring it out into the light and deal with it, and tell it that I don’t agree with that idea or I do agree with that idea. I stand a better chance of being happy and of survival if I can see things as they really are. Still, I like exploring the different forest paths and winding trails of the soul. Dowgri, I agree that these archetypes can be applied to all religions and ways of being, I just feel that being aware of these archetypes helps me to understand the different roles that druids and witches play, and what druidry can teach us about ourselves and how we are all interconnected with nature. life is not easy, and can be heartbreaking, and the battle to find answers that bring peace and harmony is hard fought. Also, the more I explore the psyche and spirituality the more I feel like I become lost, at least for a while, until things seem to make sense again. David, I have read where the druids would also assume the role of warriors when the tribe was under attack and every hand was needed on deck. and I did hear a great description of a hero, a hero is someone who brings about cultural change in a society or tribe.