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    so what I think was done, starting in about 1975, a number of psychologist who were into the new age religions looked at Neo paganism and realized that they could take the Jung archetypes and lay them out in a grid over the ideas of Neo paganism and the archetypes fit perfectly. the problem with christianity was that many of the primary archetypes are missing. the archetypes of magician, warrior, and bard are missing from christianity. So druidry, which is Neo paganism, gives those archetypes back to the follower of the druid path. When the society has those archetypes it functions better. The way society had been fulfilling the archetypes was through film, and literature. With druidry, the archetypes can be reintegrated back into the culture. but still, Neo paganism has other functions, and one is the initiation into manhood or womanhood that society lacks. I think this integration of archetypes with Neo paganism is why so many psychologist are druids. And many find their warrior archetype in the Morrigan archetype. what we think is so old as a religion may be a Jugian region in the form of Neo-paganism. for certain, we are hard wired to accept and want the archetypes of magican, bard, and warrior. And druidry may be overlooking its warrior role, for the druids were often warriors and bards and magic men. So the result of being a druid is that we become more whole, and are able to get in touch with the subconscious forces within us, and this makes us stronger. Druidry, also helps us to connect up with nature, something that the force of christianity does not have in it gene pool. and Neo paganism also has the concepts of king, and queen, and lover. and druidry has the archetype of bard, so creative people love the druidic path. one thing for sure, is that the Neo-pagan religions are not boring, and stuffy, and they are not practiced in a smelly old, ghost infested, church. We as druids practice in groves of trees where the awen is flowing strong. a society that does not honor and lift up poetry and art is a dying culture. oh one more thing, the idea of all is one is fine, but the concept of one god who punishes anyone who does not worship the one god is a dangerous and separating concept. If you think about it, it is a crazy idea and sounds like it came for a bad b movie. We are now entering the time of the Neo pagan, the water sign.