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    By acting out a druid archetype, Neo pagans can access the archetype chip that they are hard wired with. This allows Neo-pagans access to the subconscious, and visionary part of the druidic brain. this allows them access to engrams that can be consciously brought to the surface, and motivation can be understood. But more than that, the ancient relationship with nature, all encoded, can be decoded, and the true human is once again at one with nature, at one but still a separate individual with choice and preference. What started as play becomes lifestyle, and accepted social behavior. Even further seen in sky clad dancing around tribal fires, a natural energy moves easily through the body’s neurons as they are receptive to the cycles and tides of the earth and moon and stars. Now, with a reference group, druidic normalcy is achieved, with a decrease in anxiety, achieving a d factor of 10. Druidic subjects are now able to function with increased artistic energy and creative empathy from achieving a reference group.This leads to a cogent reference of greater happiness and peace. the druidic subject becomes more visionary and magical in thinking. Once past the entertainment value, druidic lifestyle leads to change in subjective outlook. A re-visioning of the dullness of life brought on my the overcrowding of urban planning, can be caused by druidic exploration of the subtle body, bringing a clear, to a state of confidence. Unfocused thought and wish fulfillment is now changed into clear thought and realistic goal setting.