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    Dear Dowrgi,
    thank you so much for that info. I was wondering what Allantide was, for I have never heard of it until just recently. And a Roast Goose fair does sound fun. I am really wondering, have you heard anyone ever use the word sprowl? I had no idea how much ancient witchcraft is in Cornwall. It must really be a magical place to live. there is another thing that I have just been reading about, and it has to do with the word devil. As I understand it, the word devil did not mean the same thing that it means to us now. I think that it meant more of a Cernunnos archetype than the evil being that the church uses the word for. also, in the USA, no one really talks or thinks about spirits of place, or gods or goddesses of place. But I think people do in the UK because the druids have been there for a long time. Where I live, I guess the spirits of place would all be American Indians. I decided to just use a big earthen bowl as a cauldron because it seems to be about the same thing, it is just a container. I would hate to put my hand in the cauldron bowl and have something grab it and then bite my hand off. I think I can just put some black food dye in the bowl so I can scry with it. there seems to be a lot of awen about in the autumn. and I feel that trees really have something to do with the awen. here in the USA, there is a lot of tension going on, and a lot of enmity because of the covid, and the black lives matters and of course the big election. I am staying cool about all of it, but I am aware of the craziness that is going on, and careful about where and when I go places. spending most of my time studying adobe illustrator, and in design and photo shop. best Star tree