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    a magic circle can be called a compass or a mill, and in the center is the cauldron, where the earth energy is stirred. also earth energy called sprowl. I do not think sprowl is the same as awen, but could be. sprowl is a Cornish term. So the dragon is a form of the serpentine energy and this is what the snake is too that cernunnos is holding. plus the horns, are from between the horns, or the representation of the Celtic Otherworld. Witches worship a form of cernunnos, but he is the lord of the hunt. however, the hunt could be a hunt for a mate. also the horns are also on the goat. a mill is like an engine for magic. the stone circles in Cornwall are also called dancing circles because the dance of the witches raises the energy. there seems to be a connection between the dead and the good folk in Cornwall. often called the pixie. so, the cauldron is used or represents a raising of energy or the term sprowl. which can be the same as the Ley line energy. still I do not think this is awen. awen seems to be deeper than sprowl.