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    Thank you Dowrgi for all the knowledge, and it is really interesting that you think that there is proof that the druids did believe in reincarnation. I think this can be a settled fact now that they did believe in reincarnation which I have to wonder how they got that belief. I think it could be that the dead came back as spirits, I hope not zombies, because zombie druids would be quite scary, anyway the dead came back as spirits and told the living about the afterlife. It would be a very comforting thought to know that you would see your relatives again, and that life goes on. I doubt the concept of reincarnation came from the east, but the druids and Celts did trade a lot, and you could get around back then by boat. I also wonder if the druids could get opium or hash. also, thanks for the words peri, and Kwert. it might be easy to get to the idea of a karma like belief if a culture did believe in reincarnation. It would be a good trick to tell your neighbor that you would pay for the cow in the next lifetime, so he should go on and give it to you in this one. I agree with you on the halloween deal, but I have noticed that spirits and ghosts seem to be more active this time of year, like someone gives them a pass to get out of the graveyard, or to travel to this side of the veil. is there still a fair called the roast goose fair in Redruth near halloween? and do they still hand out Allan apples for good luck? as I understand it the girls put them under their pillows to dream about who they will marry. and are there other charms at this time of year to find out who your sweetheart is? from pouring hot lead through keyholes, to watching balls of rolled up papers unroll in water, it seems for some strange reason, Halloween was a time you could find out your future love life. And do they still celebrate anything at the holy well at St Cubert’s parish in east Cornwall. so it does seem that there is some divination going on around the time of halloween. and a wee bit of hobble, squabble, and some hubbadullion.