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    Dear Dowrgi, wow, I think it is the other way around, and that much of the christian stuff came from the incorporation of folk customs, however, you do make a good point, and it could be argued either way. Also, often christian churches were built on pagan sites. And there were at least 6 different Celtic nations, so druidry was all over France, and Germany, and even the roman areas. But again so many of these Celtic myths and gods do represent archetypes, such as dragons are archetypal of the Ley or land energy that is coursing like a river through out the land. And the romans were very interested in the uk, and places like Cornwall because of the tin and copper that could be found there. as far as the christian religion, it is really tangled up with the early Celtic religion, but it can be untangled. As a druid, I am interested in the magic of awen, and how that can flow through me. the one thing that strikes me about the christian religion is that it is centered around the concept of sin, an how the desert god of the christians will punish people who fuck the wrong people, like the profit John the Baptist told the king he was a sinner. and the christians believe that if you sin god will send sickness and defeat to you. What a bunch of bull shit. And I think it is interesting that you brought up the idea of purgatory, because all the early christians were obsessed with it, just look at all the wax over at Canterbury Cathedral. Dowgri, can you think of a welsh or Cornish word that is similar to the word karma? Also, I found a Celtic creation myth from Wales, and will post some information on it in this thread. Many blessings of awen, Star Tree