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    Dear David, when I look at many of the different cauldrons of the different gods and goddesses, I have to think that they are archetypal. They seem to be largely symbolic, like the Dagda cauldron that is always full of food. The cauldron may also be a symbol of the womb. In using a cauldron for magic, there is not a lot you can not do with it. I mean, you can burn written spells in it, but you also will probably set off the smoke detector if you are inside and start burning stuff. You could also use it to scry, but a scrying bowel may work better, or even a crystal ball. I am going to be looking more into cauldron magic, and will keep you up to date, but the main thing I want to say is that the cauldron and the triskle are symbols of the awen, and the pentagram is a symbol of the the elementals. There is a druid named Kristopher hughes that wrote to the cauldron born, and you should check him out. I think he is really an important druid, and he has a web page. the other thing is that a lot of Neo paganism is based on psychology, which is a good thing. We can learn a lot by acknowledging the sub conscious, and not repressing our feelings. I just think that druidry has a lot to do with understanding the concept of awen. And unlike a pentagram, which can be used as a portal to the Celtic Otherworld, I am not sure how that works with a cauldron. We are really talking about two different magic systems. so a cauldron could represent a womb, a way a tribe is fed, or a channel to contain awen. and magic is so much built on the magicians ability to channel energy with intent and will. my nightmare would be reaching into a cauldron and have something pull me into it, or something weird coming out of a magic cauldron. so that is the idea of a cauldron being a portal to the otherworld. Still there is magic and there is myth and there is history, and the three are not the same thing.