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    why is bobcat talking about the christian heaven in her book. what does that have to do with druidry? I mean I am sure christians go to a christian heaven where it looks like the suburbs and there are lots of Mercedes Benz and suvs. and the grass is always chemical green, and everyone dresses like the 50s. and everyone works for the god corporation, and everyone has a swimming pool, and there are lots of cocktail parties. you go to the place you deserve. I plan to go to tir na nog where there is no goddam rap music, and plenty of Celtic gals, and cool bothies to live in and everyone can go horse back ridding, and lots of trees, and people respect nature, and kindness is everywhere, and we all have organic gardens, and you can grow your own weed, and you evil pediophiles out there, you are going to hell. I just feel to many druids are hung up on getting over christianity, but also remember, druid is pre christian, and druids take responsibility for our actions. Christianity is all about getting out of sin, and is all about how sinners pay a price. druidry is about taking responsibility for your own actions and understanding the law of the returning tide. also, does anyone know a cool welsh or Cornish word for karma. Karma is just too eastern for me. I need a Celtic word for Karma.