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    could cernunnos be a love god? He does have horns, and does that make him horny, like in a sexual way. he does hold a snake, which could be phalic or a representation of the earth goddess. and fawns have been thought to be very sexually active. he may be the representation of male sexuality, real manly, not like the feminization of males that has been going on lately. can we reclaim our manhood, and be real men, not boys, by following cernunnos. does he say stand up, be a man, you now have responsibilities to the tribe. He is like the real man. he has a firm grip on his snake. Jung thought that each man also has a female side. can we look at kindness as a male trait once again, being kind while we also don’t take poop off people. Cernunnos holds the torc, a symbol of power, but the snake could also be a symbol of earth awen, Can we find the cernunnos that is in each of us. has cernunnos taken hold of the awen. I don’t think he is lord of the hunt, unless he is hunting chicks to hook up with, and what is wrong with sex. I feel a lot of druids try to hide sex, and not be open about it. Cernunnos tells us not to repress our sexual drives, and see the beauty in sex. I think we should have a druid sexual awareness day. we should be proud of our sexuality, and not try to act like it is not there. it Wales there are even witch groups that use sex magic. Cernunnos is the playboy of the forest.