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    I am now starting to understand that druids see the door to the other world through the land, sky, and sea, where the witches see the door through earth, fire, water, spirit, and air. These are similar but different ways to see the otherworld. I will have to figure out how to replace the elements with the land, sky and ocean. should I still call on the elements in each direction when I cast a circle, or just cast in three directions instead of four. also, I have been trying to find a brass or copper cauldron. this is not an easy thing to find, and may have to be made. I do not want a used brass or copper cauldron because it could contain negative energy if it was used for evil. Druids need good intention before we cast a spell, we need to think things through, as it harms none. spells can go haywire if not thought through. there seem to be infinite worlds. So, why do people continue to be bullies and not get along or respect the environment. Many druids think that druidry is becoming like witchcraft, however, I am starting to realize that they are not the same thing at all. still, I am starting to have more hope for druidry, and see awen and the cauldron as a new door that will open up a new way of seeing the world. further it is in my view a big mistake to just see awen as flowing inspiration. Soon the veils and doors between worlds will be thinner, and I think it has already started. the spirits of the ancestors should be honored and the positive things they did should be looked at as a thing that we should be grateful for. it is coming to a time to look into the cauldron. Further, the druids did have a creation myth, and I have found it. the myth comes from Wales. once the frame of reference is changed the world becomes a magical place to live in. WE become aware of boundaries, and carry the responsibilities of druids. the fantasy of childhood, of castles and faeries become real when we walk the druid path. further, an iron cauldron can not be used because iron harms the faeries. and it is interesting that so much copper and tin come from places like Cornwall and Wales. best Startree and may the awen inspire you to make your dreams become real.