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    I find it strange that the word awen is never mentioned in the bobcat book or the Myers book. I do see a lot of talk of christianity and philosophy, but to leave out a discussion on awen seems to be really weird. I feel the concept of awen is the one things that makes druids really different than the witches and other religions., the pre christian idea of awen is what gives life to druidry and makes it relevant in the 21st century. awen is much more than flowing inspiration, or what I think many think of as artistic inspiration. I am guilty of spending too much time on other religions and dealing with my own transformation Into a well baked druid. and yes, I have struggled with how the world religions fit into a druid way of life, but I also have found, that without awen, druidry does not make any sense to me. I know there is more to druidry than awen; however, without the concept of awen, I don’t feel we are on the right path as druids, and Taliesin thought that awen was important. it is easy to get caught up in philosophical battles, until we lose sight of what we were fighting for in the first place, as druids we have been fighting for a return to awen, a way to live our lives free before we were brainwashed and feeling destroyed by the major world religions that tried to crush the druids. awen is stronger than a belief system, because it is at the heart of the universe, and the heart of druidry. even the concept of life and death revolve around awen for a druid. it is in the understanding of awen that we have the courage to live fully, and to be fearless strong in the face of death. it is through the awen that we can find the oneness, just wondering at the saturated color of the moon when we are away from the bright lights, and out in the forest where we are closer to the awen, out in the groves, where the awen is strong****** Star tree