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    We need to re-wild our souls and become part of Nature, not continue with the illusion of being separate from it or above it. I feel that there is a shift towards this view in many young people today. The role of education becomes more important than ever in this respect, and schools are now incorporating environmental awareness into their curricula – not just in the sciences, but in citizenship, religious education and also in the ethos and operation of schools themselves. Environmental awareness, sustainability and outdoor learning are slowly, but surely, gaining prominence.

    I agree with this. We need to adopt a biocentric or ecocentric worldview and structure our societies to fit accordingly, with the caveat that we do not go down some nihilistic or misanthropic route along the way. All we have to do is to recast our roles into that of custodians and borrowers instead of owners and takers. It seems so simple, yet in reality it would mean a massive sea change in our worldview. If we could achieve this, then it would certainly be a new horizon in human development. The worrying thing is that I don’t think we have much time left.