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    Dave, what I meant by the Walmart religions, was these mega christian super churches that are popping up everywhere in the USA. I just wonder if they are not some kind of mass distraction. and today in The Washington Post, I was reading about Jerry Falwell son who had to stand down from being the head of Liberty University because he and his wife got involved in a sex scandal with a pool boy. And Jerry’s son also supported trump because trump helped him cover up the sexual scandal. It just goes to show how lost some christians can become when political power gets mixed up with religion. I have really been trying to figure out what druidry is, and there are so many different views of druidry that it becomes meaningless. I have been reading this book by Kristopher hughes, Nautral Druidry, and he is in the same situation that I am. Hughes is an interesting druid and I think he teaches druidry and is an undertaker. I do think that kindness and empathy for others could be good traits to have. and it does seem that druidry is more of a path than a religion, but if the Celtic Gods and goddesses are brought into the mix, then druidry can become a religion. I like it more as a path, because that way we don’t end up with people like Jerry Falwell Jr. turning it into politics. I also like the Celtic heritage part of druidry because I like the Celtic music, and art, and poetry. I feel that more people will go green as global warming starts changing the environment, but for now the wealthy will try to protect their money, and continue to frack. the one thing about Celtic people is that we are more community based than central government based. And the central government does have the power to indoctrinate people into their belief system of basketball and football as a godhead and a distraction from living in harmony with the earth. druidry is a way for people to reconnect with the wild woods and their community. druidry is the grass roots of religion, something beautiful and older than christianity.druidry is something that is felt and changes us at a deep level of consciousness.