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    I don’t think you can really blame a “religion” per se and I think it’s naïve to do so. The (non-Christian) Romans created an environmental disaster in North Africa, transporting who knows how many animals to be slaughtered for entertainment in the arena and they had no qualms about chopping down forests for roads, structures or to debilitate their enemies while they merrily poisoned water supplies with lead, albeit unknowingly. Deforestation and land clearance in Britain goes back to the Neolithic and the coming of agriculture. Likewise the (non-Christian) Norse were busy clearing land and deforesting Iceland, once about 40% forest, for 126 years before Iceland became Christian. In Central America, one theory – systemic ecological collapse – is put forward to explain the collapse of the Classical Mayan civilisation many centuries before the Spanish (Christians) arrived.

    If you ask me, the problem is not with the religion or the spirituality and more with the natural consequences of the environmental pressures that agriculture and subsequent industrialisation place on the eco-system – and practically all eco-systems where there has been high impact agriculture and large population growth have suffered. In mitigation, ancient peoples did not have modern notions of eco-science, biology and so on, whereas we do. The worry is more that many people today seem not to want to hear the message, so to speak.