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    druidry is the sacred path that transforms us into a closer relation with nature, and so it heals us, it is about self transformation and higher levels of consciousness, although there are a lot of people who are heritage druids, meaning they are into druidry for the history and heritage of the druidry, which if you go back far enough was probably not as bad as the romans made the druids out to be, I mean remember the druids and romans had been at it from about 200 bc, and really had been hacking each other up, so they probably hated each other, as I understand it the christian church got Celtic people into christian because of the monetary system, which is nothing like the church that came along later, and was run by the central Government of the pope. in fact the church was all for the Celtic bards in 500ad, so in a way we have the christians to thank for what literature we do have of the druids, or at least the bards. the big split revolves around the druids who were community oriented and the the romans who were state controlled oriented. Druids are more community and family people, and don’t like the government sticking their noses into everything. so, religion is about self transformation for druids, where religion is just following orders for muggles. druids are deep thinkers and nature lovers, muggle just don’t care, and are all about making more money for themselves, we would probably have enough for everyone if we shared more, but that ain’t ever going happen, and government has a lot to do with who is in what position at the time.