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    thanks Dave, very informative, we are going to have a medical cannabis program in virginia in October this year, but it is all edibles. I will be signing up for the program. I feel the plant calms me down and makes me more spiritual, and that I just enjoy everything more on weed. We can also have up to an ounce of weed in Virginia, but if they catch you with the weed they charge you a $25 dollar fine and take your weed so the cops can smoke it themselves. IN Washington DC you can have weed but can’t sell it or buy it. When will the madness end? I mean it is a weed, and I should be able just to grow the weed. Anyway, no one wants to smoke it all the time, that would just be too much weed. Philp Morris that makes all the tobacco cigarettes is here in the Richmond va area, and they have been investing in weed farms in California. The weed is coming, I just pray to the Celtic Gods and goddesses that it hurries up. weed makes people calmer and more into nature and listening to music. And in this digital world, we all need the real thing, not more pixels, but more trees and leaves and pot plants. we could stop the global warming of earth if we plant enough pot plants. I wonder what the weed deal is in England. Are they allowed weed? I bet the druids smoked weed, after all, they were great traders, and I have never met a druid that did not like weed. I wonder if they found any weed pipes or bongs in the druid mounds, it could be the beaker people made bongs for the druids to smoke weed. they must of made hemp rope, and some druid probably tried to smoke it and got really druidry. I mean, one of their jobs was to talk with the otherworld, and I am sure weed helps with that. And we probably would not have as many problems in society if more people smoked more weed. I think they put weed in the figgy pudding in Cornwall, or is that hash. It would be a good idea for the bdo to give all its members free weed. And the druids in England need to have more legalize weed meet ups. like everyone could smoke weed on top of the sacred druid hills. I also think that weed should become a druid sacrement, a holy druid herb, used to raise consciousness of the Celtic Otherworld. I bet the goddess Rhiannon smokes weed and so does Bridget, and Ceridwen. Weed was probably one of the herbs that the druids gathered, and grows wild in virginia. everyone loves weed, even mums. I wonder if there were druid psychologist, that would explain why so many people in the psychiatric industry are drawn to druidry. Should we license our own counselor in druidry? I also wonder if we should build a world headquarters. Could we replant all of the sacred groves, and can we have weed plants in them?