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    This is how I boil it down, spirit is all around us, spirit is in trees, plants, rocks, and animals, and more important, spirit has consciousness; Therefore, if something has consciousness it can be communicated with. And Dowgri, I find it interesting that dogs have an expanded sense of smell, but I also know that dogs and cat’s can’t see colors. So, there is a trade off. And just maybe there is a trade off in being a plant. It could be that plants are really good at some things that humans are not. And many people think that plants like trees communicate to other trees through the root systems. As I understand it, an oak has roots that go down as deep as its height. Further, it seems that spirit also has the power of love, something that we don’t think all that much about, but love is a force and a gift like hearing or speech or writing. I think by now the scientist have proven mathematically that there are other dimensions. This is what I call the dimensional shift, we as people are so use to being told that other dimensions do not exist, that is makes it hard for us to grasp the concept. I know I have a difficult time with it. I like to think everything is safe and solid, but what if your eyesight had evolved to see the different dimensions. And there is another concept that everything is just energy in different forms. Still, a lot of who we are has to do with our culture, And that is why I like the druid culture, because most druids are into nature and ecology. I find my spirit and enjoyment of life is restored after a walk in the woods. as druids, we find ourselves called to the wild woods. and the heritage that people like grey wolf have given us is to not be dogmatic about spiritual views, and to have great tolerance for other peoples’ views. we also have another gift as humans, and that is imagination and visualization. Humans are animals that love stories. WE are a storytelling animal, and I think that the stories are important to the whole world, and that without stories life would lose its magic. Best William