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    Hi Dowrgi
    You asked whether I ‘feel that there are things that we cannot see or entities/beings which may inhabit the worlds beyond our mortal, human veil of perception?’
    My short answer is ‘no'(!)
    I haven’t seen any verifiable or replicable evidence for any beings that exist outside of our reality. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, but based on objective evidence, I don’t believe that that there is enough to state definitively that they do. I know people will have their own subjective experiences of these entities, but can they say that they are ‘real’? The experience is real, of course, but are the beings encountered real?
    I know I’m probably coming across here as some hard-line Dawkinsian atheist, but I have to be honest with myself and acknowledge that my pantheism is firmly rooted in naturalism without any recourse to the supernatural. I feel that there is more than enough wonder and magic in the natural world to satisfy my spirituality.
    I hope that goes some way in answering your question. This would make an interesting thread topic, perhaps.