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    Hi David and Dowrgi, I did a lot of research on shinty for my book, and some people think the Harry Potter lady based her weird game on shinty. Anyway, as I understand it, shinty was a way to train people for battle.
    It is rather a violent sport, with people hitting each other with sticks, and there are lots of devious ways to cheat. I think the druids invented shinty, but of course, I make up all kinds of stuff, all the time. But still, they could have. Thanks for all the great information Dowrgi. Also, there is a lot of strategy and tactics in shinty games. There are also girls’ shinty teams, and the girls are quite good at the game. I know Aberdeen U has a shinty team. And shinty is big in Fort William. shinty is fun, and kids love the game. However, I don’t think many people use a lot of protective gear in the game, and that will probably change as time goes on. shinty sticks have even been made of dried seaweed, but now they use very cool shinty sticks. three are even professional shinty players as I understand it. there is some interest in shinty in the USA. But for now, Scotland is the home of shinty. Oh, also did I tell you that the druids invented golf. Yes they did, In fact the druids invented everything wonderful.