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david poole

    A couple of things here. Yes, ideally we should have a PM system where members can send each other private messages, it is a shame that we can’t do that as everything has to be discussed openly. For divination readings this is far from ideal as readings can be become very involved and personal. I guess you could swap email addresses and do it that way.

    I like the idea of divination, it is something that I do myself. I think that we ought to have a general discussion about divination, how it works, the different methods. I realise that this is more related to the Ovate rather than the Bardic grade, but it is something which I have been into for some time. Maybe we could relate it to the Ogham and the different trees as this seems to provide a nice symbolism. I have had some good results from Ogham rune readings. I will try using shop enquiries to send a message, otherwise we might have to work out some other way.