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    one of the problems of living in Chester Virginia, USA is that if I wear a white druid robe around here, the blacks, and there are lots of them, will think I am a kkk member. And lord, I don’t know what they would do if they saw me burning anything over at my house. They would probably think it is a cross that I am burning on my front yard, when it would be nothing more that the 9 sacred druid woods. Anyway, I don’t think I will try it. We do have some druid groups in VA Beach which is about a 3 hour drive on a very congested highway, 64. I will have to start a druid group at some time, but for now I need more research into what a druid is. Is there something I am missing? Should druids hold bake sales? Should druids walk around in public in their druid robes? How do druids dance? Is druid dancing like Scottish country dancing? are there a lot of gay druids in England? I’m not gay, but I wonder, does druidry have lots of gay psychologist in it. Were the ancient druids gay? I know the romans were into it. And the those greek guys got gay after a lot of wine, kind of like red necks after two six packs of beer. run.