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    then we will need strong magic, but also, I do agree that druidry is pretty much what ever you want it to be. So, if you are not into the Celtic Gods deal, it really does not matter, and you are still just as much a druid as anyone else who says, hey, I am a druid. What makes druids is probably more an attitude toward nature and ecology, and yes, I think a lot of us are kind of hippy, but I may be wrong. And I still think a lot of druids don’t like the idea of the monoltheistic religions that have destroyed their lives. Religions can have many flaws. druidry is about rethinking our relationship with nature. I have always felt that many religions have a lot in common with buddhism, or should. we should respect all life, and I am really against capital punishment and locking people up because they are addicted to drugs. we need to all be kind to each other.
    and wooooooo it is getting exciting now, Harvest home is just seven days away. Of course the great pumpkin is real, and he is the spirit of all the pumpkins. And now the harvest is brought in by robots and gps systems, and less and less people are in touch with the land. the great harvesters are all computer controlled and no one is in them.