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    A late good morning to you Startree.

    I really feel that Druidism needs to be local. In ancient times, it seems that Celtic religion(s) were very localised; similar threads ran throughout, but at the same there were also many differences. I don’t think we need to create pantheons, creeds, rigorous canons of belief and a sort of Celtic-flavoured initiation of Graeco-Roman religion, which was also highly varied and by no means what we’d recognise today as “a” religion as a such.

    Given that we all inhabit different parts of our planet and our ancestors’ bones and dust are also mixed in different parts of the planet, I think the most rewarding thing is to tune into our local environment and, of course, the traditions of our own families and ancestors. The first thing I’d say to anyone exploring Celtic spirituality and Druidism is get to know and tune into the place where you live – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the wilderness or in a densely populated urban area – you need to tune into that first and foremost.

    Anyway, as I always say, that’s just my take on things. Each person must find his or her own path through the forest.