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    Dear Dowrgi, thank you for all that great information about the name of the festival in Cornwall, and I agree with you all the way. Also, thanks for the information about how the name got going in the 1970s. I really love it when you share information about what goes on in Cornwall, and it is so authentic. I see Guldize or Goel Dheys as a very very old celebration of the harvest, and I also really like the name harvest home. And it shows how close they early Cornish were to the land, and the idea of the corn dolly is just magical. This is the kind of druidry I love, the kind that has down home festivals, and is all about just being with nature. I like this festival much more than the American Thanksgiving festival, and feel Guldize really is what Ross Nichols wanted druidry to be, a kind of inspiration that gets us in touch with nature. And the word organic is a great word to describe it. I think this festival is coming up soon, and is celebrated from September 21 to the 24. Best William