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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    It is especially useful for when you have Rheumatism or Arthritis.

    Horsetail, Devil’s Claw and Cannabis are 3 of the many Herbs that can help with Rheumatism Pain.

    The list for what Herbs is good for Arthritis is on Page #79 and the Herbs that is good for Rheumatism is on Page #88.

    After writing my E-Book on Triads of Wisdom in 2010, Bobcat asked me to start researching Herbs and Herbology and for the next 8 months, I Researched 3 or 4 Herbs per Week. From then on, I would Research Herbs that I came up and were New to me. For instance, there was an Energy Drink being served around at the Powell Street Festival Volunteers Party and one of the Herbs in the Drink was Horny Goat Weed. I then ran Home and Researched it and came up with this:

    The Horny Goatweed (Epimedium Grandiforum):


    Horny Goatweed is a versatile Chinese Herb traditionally used to help treat Forgetfulness, Back Pain, Tonifies the Liver and Arthritis. There are many Genus’s of Horny Goatweed and is alleged to have Aphrodisiac Qualities. According to Legend, it was discovered by a Chinese Goat Herder who noticed Sexual Activity in his Flock after they ate the Weed. The Active Ingredient in Horny Goatweed is “Icariin”.

    Horny Goatweed helps to stimulate the production of the Sexual Hormone Androgen with no found effect on Estrogen. It has been applied to Men suffering from Impotence and Low Sperm Count. And has been consumed by Women who suffer from a Decreased Sexual Motivation. A Tonic made from Horny Goatweed is said to help Warm the Body.

    Because of Horny Goatweed’s ability to Dilate Capillaries and other Blood Vessels, it is used to facilitate Blood Circulation to the Brain as well as to the Sexual Organs, while also Lowering High Blood Pressure.

    There are Reports that Horny Goatweed helps to stimulate Muscle Growth in the Sphincter Muscles, which helps bring Incontinence under control.

    Animal Studies indicate that Icariin also Stimulates Osteoblast activity in Bone Tissue, leading to the development and marketing of Medicinal Products based on Epimedium Extracts for Treatment of Osteoporosis.