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    Bards get help from the Celtic Otherworld, and awen from the Celtic Otherworld. Druid priest communicate with the Celtic Otherworld gods and goddess. Ovates see into the future and learn their magic from the Celtic Otherworld. There is no witchcraft in it at all.
    makes you wonder about all the Celtic killing. Was it ordered at the command of the Celtic Otherworld. Was god on their side. and look how the Christian Church turned the Celtic Gods and goddesses into christian gods and goddesses. Lugh into the Ange Michel, and breej-eh into Bridget. I like laughing hippy Jesus with sun glasses on. Or stoned Jesus smoking a joint. Remember that guy, he was a happy guy, not like the fundamentalist punishing Jesus. Christianity owes a lot to the Celts, who invented the fun parts of the religion. It must have been nice to have clean air and water in the highlands. Today, druidry is more a mix of everything, like some strange salad. druidry is about love, love of friends and family, love of the earth and the plants and the rocks and the water.