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    I don’t think the OBOD is too off-base in looking at Alban Elfed as a holiday related to the balance of darkness and light. It is the Autumn Equinox. Where I live the sun will rise on equinox at 6:59 am and it will set at 7:08 pm, quite nearly a 12 hour day and a 12 hour night. But I’m not posting here to try and defend the OBOD. I respect freedom of religious expression. I expect you do too, most people with questions about human and spirit world relations do.
    I find myself thinking of Pryderi and Llew (third branch of the Mabinogi, and the White book of Rhydderch—-Wales) as gods of Alban Elfed. Pryderi was a temperamental warrior and son of the goddess Rhiannon, he and his friend Manawydden (Son of a sea god) had lush farmland in the kingdom of Dyfed, according to the story, until one year when the crops failed and all the people besides themselves and their wives disappeared. Pryderi wanted to take it out on someone, warrior that he was, but thankfully his friend Manawydden was of a more moderate temperament (depth of emotion, energy of water, the sea). They worked together to solve the problem, so no one had to die over it. This reminds me of Pryderi being an embodiment of at least some level of darkness (Cold, energy of winter, death). Eventually they earned the help of Llew (God of Sunlight, the clear sky, rebirth), the dark inclinations of Pryderi were overcome and the light represented by Llew, the new sun god (spring, new beginnings) overcame the darker inclinations of Pryderi.
    Manawydden was the bridge, or “the balance” between them. I expect to be thinking of these gods this Equinox. I don’t know what other BDO druids are inclined to do. In my last BDO Gorsedd we had a universal rite we used on every “sabbat” (for want of a better term), but it seemed to be lacking a seasonally specific section. I’m hoping to change that. No offense meant to Greywolf at all. Thank you to everyone posting.

    (Priest, Caer Pugetia Gorsedd)