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    Hi David, that is a pretty scary cree Indian prophecy, I hope it never gets that bad. but the cree probably were mad about all their land being stolen by survey. I have a difficult time trying to understand what people were thinking in being slavers and just taking land. Our ancestors back then must have had some weird views on human rights. Overall, it just seems they were living in a completely fucked up society. And what also is weird is that the rich will survive the future and have already made plans for the rising water. wealthy people are already buying land in places like the Colorado mountains. and countries like china just ignore human rights and are still able to trade globally, which is insane. So, as artist and druids and writers I feel it is our responsibly to try to use our skills to speak out. Oh, I have a druid writer you might want to check out. This guy died in 2010, but he was a Celtic language teacher in New York, and wrote two books on druidry.
    The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual Paperback – July 1, 2003
    by Alexei Kondratiev , and he wrote another book also. I also am getting the The Celtic Seers’ Source Book: Vision and Magic in the Druid Tradition
    Matthews, John and I am trying to document where I saw the druid prophecy about where they talk about the water coming up into lochs in Scotland. The druids were the seers of the tribes and they could well have seen into the future, all the way into our time. And about money, I don’t really think any of the money has much value anymore because of all the world debt, and the money is based on completely false and imaginative wealth that does not even exist. the whole thing is made up by the bankers. Plus the food that we do get from the corporations can be pretty bad and is all genetic monster food. the fact is, when the perma frost starts melting like it is now, there is probably no way back, and Greenland is going into the drink. Just think what it will be like when the water level rises 16 feet. If Biden wins the election in the USA, things might start towards the right path, and as it is now what happens in the USA really affects the whole world. However, the spiritual comes and goes and is very mystical. at best, all we can do is give the Celtic Otherworld and invitation to communicate with us. There is a lot of healing and magic, the question is, is how to open up the doors to it. I do feel druids need to make a sacred connection to the spirit of the earth at least 8 times a year. we need to start to find ways and paths back to the sacred connection we have with nature and the Celtic Otherworld. I feel druids hear a call to druidry, and that is why we are so into it. Best William