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    are we still living in Celtic dream time, and can we understand the spirit of the land and our relationship to it? these are the questions of the festival we will soon be celebrating. for I feel we are in the eternal druid dream time of the otherworld and we are seeking otherworld blessings. there is no reason to think as druids that we are not as powerful as the druids of old, or that the Celtic dream time is not still here with us right now, for it is an eternal time out of mundane time. we must recreate the sacred grove and the world tree, is only symbolically in our own homes. this is the time to reconnect with the Celtic Otherworld. This is the time of the elves. although our harvest may not be of corn, but of other blessings of the Celtic god and goddess, of lugh, and the great grain goddess. this festival needs ceremony of the grove, the trees, the sacred space where we communicate with the Celtic Otherworld. perhaps a small potted tree in the living room can symbolize the world tree, or a candle the fire of the sacred druid woods, or whatever we need to mark off sacred space. this is the harvest home, a real harvest of the gifts we receive from the Celtic Otherworld. and most of all what makes us druids is our relationship with the Celtic Otherworld, a timeless world that informs us of the way we as druids ethically live in this world and our relationship with nature, it involves going past the tree museum and accepting the larger part of nature that sustains us. remember, we are the ones who must seek nature and her spirit and lead others to it, others who have lost their way to the relationship with nature and how we are all interconnected. there is much work for us as druids, and remember we have the power of the Celtic Otherworld with us. further, William