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    I feel that the American Indians are really on to some stuff as far as spiritual healing goes, and I am glad that they still have culture in America. I feel sorry for the blacks in America because they have replaced their culture with white culture, and this has Made them sick, trying to be white. and I am talking about a lot more than rap music. if you are white in America there are many neighborhoods where you can not go because you will get killed in those neighborhoods.
    And there are many neighborhoods where whites can not live. Still, under all this, the old black gods and goddesses are very much alive, and voodoo is very real in America. This is a strange land of many different gods and goddesses, and a land that was stolen from the Indians. at least the Indians had a spiritual respect for the spirit of the land. I don’t want to steal the culture of the Indians, I just want to learn from them in a respectful way about healing and how to live in harmony with the earth. I love everyone, except assholes.