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    I feel a lot of this goes back to the United States Supreme Court decisions that let people like Monsantos trademark and copyright the genetic code for the monster food. It is insane to let someone copyright a genetic food. Food, air, water, need to be free of copyright. This is a natural right and no one should ever have the right to it. Cheer up guys, what we are doing in druidry will change the world in a peaceful, peaceful way and we will win in the end. We just need to keep on bringing it to the attention of the public, and remember, right now the big news corporations control what people hear and think and see. And the news organizations are owned by the big corporations. but people are not stupid, and we have plenty of ways to get our message out. be positive, we will change the world to an ecotopia, it will happen. Also, we have the Celtic Otherworld on our side and that is a lot of spiritual power. David, I feel to change the game you have to play the game, and that mass resistance does little good. What does help is networking with powerful people, and educating the masses through art, writing, videos about the environment. We have a lot of power we are not using right now. There are lots of great people in the world, and also a lot of assholes. It is the assholes that are fucking everything up. Still, love and kindness always win in the end. And the earth has a consciousness too, and we may even be of the earth spirit, and the children of the earth. So, she is our mom, if you buy that take on it. However, in truth, somedays I don’t feel very spiritual at all, and maybe that is just part of being human, but we dan take hope from each other, and all the good people in the world. As far as the druids go, we already have druid prophecy that says the water will rise a whole lot as global warming gets going, and I tend to believe this, there is going to be lots of stuff going under water, and when that does start to happen, you are going to see a big reversal in the global warming politics. I wish you well, star tree