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    Morning David,

    From my ongoing research with Celtic calendars, something we mentioned a while back, I’ve discovered how difficult it is when dealing with calendars! 😀

    Lunar and solar calendars obviously don’t correspond and need to be “calibrated” using mathematical formulae, attesting to how sophisticated ancient peoples’ knowledge of some form of mathematics must have been in order to construct some of the megalithic sites that exist and seem to correspond to both lunar and solar years. From looking at the Scots Gaelic traditional calendar, it seems that months were less fixed than we would imagine today and depended also on weather signs and seasonal changes – the months themselves also had sub-periods or divisions depending on the prevailing winds and weather. On the one hand it teaches us how much peoples of the past seem to have been far more in tune with nature and natural cycles, whereas on the other it makes it quite difficult to equate these calendars with our modern “fixed” view of the cycles of time.