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    dear David, I felt this summer brought us in the usa riots and violence, that in the end will have lead to nothing but a some protestors loosing their eyes to rubber bullets and many sick people from breathing tear gas, which is bad juju. the way to change things is through peace and influencing people. Violence is never an answer to bringing about change. And I fear that the worst of the virus is not over yet, and it will only resurge as more people get back together. Also please remember if you get the virus to drink the herbal tea, and sleepy time celestial seasonings in one of the best for it. Somehow we have to learn to stay at peace in our hearts, no matter how horrible the world gets. It is always and evolution in consciousness when we learn that we are truly spiritual animals. The age of Aguarius is emerging, and the dark forces of the Fish age are angry, but they will leave soon. The dates on the new age were wrong, and it did not begin on 2000. We are now just starting to live in the new age. And so much depends on where you are standing, as to what you see or hear. Ata least the stars are on our side. best star tree