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    I think plants have spirits to them and are conscious, and that animals do too, and even places, but, and there is the big but, after growing up a non vegan, it becomes difficult to go fully vegan. I just don’t think I have it in me, but maybe latter, as I become a better druid. I am glad druids don’t have laws, and rules, or no one could be a druid. we all have a lot of healing to do, and so does this planet, but remember we are now in the age of Aquarius, and the old fish days are leaving. still the fish is putting up its last fight before it gets gone, and the sooner the better. we need new ways of seeing the world, and it is upsetting that things are not changing for the better yet, but they will, as fishy, swims away and does not show up again for a couple of million of years, for now is the sign of the water, and he new age, and the road to ecotopia, and 3 million years is a long time, even in a compressed time world, so watch out for the killer drones, and Just try your best, for now, thing will get rolling soon for the better, even if they don’t seem to be blasting off right now.