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    this is such a great discussion, and I am really learning a lot from hearing everyone’s views, and thank you, and it is not easy going vegan, but I feel that druidry does change us to be better humans and it also lifts our levels of consciousness higher, which can only make us better people. I love druidry. druidry makes me happy. I thought I was eating healthy by drinking coffee mate and not low fat milk in my coffee, but I found out the I am not cool with the ingredients in Coffey mate now that I have looked them up, and I don’t like anything with phosphoric acid in it, like many fizzy drinks have. I think I am going to have to drink some skim milk for my coffee. and no way is anyone getting my coffee cup out of my hands, I love that stuff. and I will eat breads or treats made with eggs not because I want to but it looks like there is not enough non egg food around, so I will have to eat some until I can learn more about eating vegetarian. I think that all farmers should have to ask the crops for permission before they cut them down for food, and now many crops such as corn are harvested by gps computer controlled combines, and no people are onboard the big harvester, and that is just weird. we could put a lot of people to work if we would insist on organic foods. we not only lost the farms, we lost the community of people who knew the land. and I am going to get an oak magic wand and I need to get the wand from a live tree, and I will ask permission from the tree, but what if all the trees say no? and I need some other wands too, and wands are suppose to come from a live tree not a dead tree. Best Startree