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    I absolutely agree, animal testing, elephant rides, fur industries, trophy hunting, circusses and all the other horrendous exploitation of animals are beyond despicable. I don’t own a copy of Living With Honour, but I managed to read a bit on She too first states that we don’t need meat and then goes straight to the horrors of the meat industry. This is a false argument. It’s like an ascete saying we don’t need sex because woman are being raped. If you have a yard and you keep some chickens and eat their eggs, are you maltreating them? The vegan alternative is that they should not live at all. I saw vegans already arguing that we should interfere with predators in the wild, because of the suffering they inflict. That goes to show how far these people are removed from Nature. It’s a typical mindset of the overcivilized citydweller. The ultimate culprit is industrialization. We must advocate a simpler life. Just eat local products, and meat and eggs from small scale biological farms.