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    Hi Dannorix, I feel it is the evolution of becoming a druid that it leads to vegetarian, as you see how all things are connected, and I don’t understand why people want the energy of dead cow meat, or chewing on chicken flesh, because the cows don’t go munching on us, and it is not like we need to eat them, in fact if all animals are our relations, then we are eating our friends, and being monster flesh eaters. the main stumbling block to becoming a vegetarian is to learn how to eat good non meat food, and you also have to learn to cook beans, by bringing them to a boil, washing them, and bringing them back to a boil in fresh water. there is plenty of non meat food out there. I see being a vegetarian as the only ethical thing to do, once you start understanding how all life is interrelated, and how animals have a spirit too,
    and how we do not have the right just to go killing animals if we do not have to, which we don’t. I see all life as sacred spirit, and I am related to all that life, and a part of the spirit of the earth, and I just do not think that killing animals is right, plus, just think of all the drugs that are put into domesticated animals, and he cruel life they lead, and I don’t want lots of chemicals and drugs, and who knows what in my body from eating meat. I mean snacking on a steak is like being a creature from hell chewing on flesh. It is really not very enlightened to eat meat, and I think all druids eventually will be vegetarians because it is logical after you learn that all life is spiritually connected, and spirit has consciousness, and how does the animal feel to be killed and eaten, or the fox to be chased, I don’t think there is any right way to eat animals, and there are many other good foods to eat besides animal flesh.