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    Druids should never condone the horrors of Big Industry, which includes the meat- and dairy industries, but also the B-12 shots and all the necessary supplements from Big Pharma and all the fruit and vegetables that has to be flown in from over the whole world all year around to sustain a vegan lifestyle. This type of monoculture is also devastating for the enviroment. There’s is nothing wrong with eating meat, eggs or cheese. Just buy it locally produced by biological farmers and only eat what the season has to offer. The animals should of course be treated with the utmost respect for their sacrifice. If it is done on a small scale and with respect, I don’t see an ethical problem, as we are omnivores. If you have a yard, take some chickens. The vegan pretence to be above and better than Nature and our ancestors is a prime example of not being spiritually connected. I know there’s much more to say about this subject, so I will come back to this.