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    so, fellow druids, I was thinking how much the Celtic Gods and goddesses are like the druids’ super heroes, and how much we all need role models and a sense of someone good protecting us from all the mean evil people in the world.Thinking about a conversation that Dowrgi wrote, I am really starting to believe that we are really decended from monkeys, and that is a lot to take in being that I was force fed christianity growing up. but it does not mean that we are not spiritual beings, and it helps me to get the idea that all thing have spirit in them, that is to say, trees, and rocks, and monkeys, and birds. druidry is a lot about seeing the spiritual and connections in all things and I find it very calming, and a completely different way to experience the world and life. However, even though all thing are connected in some ways, that does not stop the fierce competition of human beings for resources like clean water and air and gold and minerals and we are living in a very technological world. So a lot of our energy goes to competition for resources. Still there is love and kindness and many good people, but there is also a reality of people who really are not so nice, and governments that really are evil and torture and harm their members. So, we all need super heroes to make the world right. I really like the flash, because the bass player for the Grateful Dead, Phil lesh, was nicknamed the flash during the 70s. Unfortunately, Phil, took lsd for two years straight, and it was strong lsd, and I think it really effed him up, and then he spent 10 years as a drunk in a bar, but he was also the guy who named the koolaid, electric koolaid. and Phil was a great bass player, he was the guy who wrote the bass line to the dead song truckin. I know that most of the grateful dead music sucks, but they had some great songs in the American beauty album, and working man’s dead album. both these albums came out in the early 70s, before disco duck. As druids, we can’t escape reality, but we can make our relationship with nature more important in our lives, and we can enjoy the treasure chest of early Celtic stories and writings, that by the way, seem to be full of super heroes.