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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Awens to All:

    Here is my 2012 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad of Wisdom and it is dedicated to Bobcat’s Book ‘Living With Honour’.

    The First Triad of this one is the one that Bobcat uses a lot throughout the Book, so it has a Asterix in front of it.

    So here it is and it is called “Bobcat Honour Triads”.

    It goes:

    *Living With Honour Takes:
    – Loyalty,
    – Courage,
    – And Generosity.

    When One Is Honourable:
    – One Is Respected,
    – Trusted,
    – And Fondly Remembered.

    Honour Is Lost When One:
    – Takes Others For Granted,
    – Takes Advantage Of Others,
    – And Does Not Keep Promises.


    One Should Be Loyal To:
    – Friends,
    – Family,
    – And To the Community.

    It Takes Courage:
    – To Be Truthfull,
    – To Have Good Principle,
    – And To Oppose Evil.

    One Should Be Generous With Ones:
    – Help,
    – Sympathy,
    – And Forgiveness.


    There Is No Such Thing As Fairness In:
    – Nature,
    – Employment Standards,
    – And Personal Relationships.

    Types Of Trusts:
    – Financial Trusts,
    – Private Trusts,
    – And Professional Trusts.

    When A Promise Is Broken:
    – Feelings Are Hurt,
    – Faith Is Lost,
    – And Friendships Are Strained.