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    Hi David, it is our lovable friends at obod who call her a witch over and over in their training material. they have a little creepy voice on the dvd’s calling her a witch when they tell the Taliesin story. look, the obod is what it is, and there are a lot of good people who get into it. It is just I found when I was on their boards that some people got quite mean. It did not feel like a safe environment. and remember, they boast some 20,000 members, and I think they have more. But I am sure the obod knows what I am talking about and is aware that there is a lot of bad vibes on their boards. The morrigan is not a triple goddess, however, she is a Irish goddess, and even can be traced to the European Celts.
    She is a goddess of war, and change, and death, and you will find many druids really get into her and her cult. She will shake things up, but she is also wonderful in creating change in your life. When you are working with any of these goddesses remember that they are very powerful forces, and will be in your life if you ask them to. The third of the triple is Rhiannon, she is the Celtic horse goddess, and remember that the Celts loved their horses. but it was pointed out to me that looking at them as a triple goddess is not the way the druids view them, and I agree, I think each goddess is separate. I have a great time visioning how much warfare and carnage there was in the early times, and how bloody it must have been. the veil between world was thinner then and people actually could see the gods and goddesses walking among them. so much has changed, now war will be fought with drones and computers and robots. and even the bad guys will start killing people by sending drones after them. and we are lucky to live in some of the free countries, just think how much government control the Chinese government has over its people, and all the evil things they do to their people. as druids, we are the good guys and working in our own ways to make the world better. best William