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    Hi David, the way I think about it is that the characters in the Mabinogion are all members of the faery tribes. those gods and goddesses and even Taliesin are of the tuatha de danannI think you may be having a problem of understanding that the faeries can look like people, and can even blow themselves up to very large sizes. also, I think we are talking about beings who live in another another dimension, so they appear very spiritual to us. and these faery beings can cross into our world. if you were to meet a member of the tuatha de danann, you would think that they are children, because they appear aw 3 to 4 feet tall. but the Mabinogion is about the gods and goddesses of the tuatha de danann, faeries like Mac lear, the sea god, or Angus og, god of love, or the dagda, the big daddy. you need to get past thinking that all faeries are no bigger than a beer mug. and remember the faeries were originally called elves, so think elves in the hobbit and you are getting there. a sylphs look like tinker bell and work with the elementals and devas in nature. in short there are all kinds of faeries, best William