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    Hail Dannorix, you are on the right path. The first and most important part of being a druid is to see the spirit in nature. spirit is in the trees, and rocks, and plants, and all around, duridry is to understand that this spirit is there, and because it is spirit it has consciousness and can be communicated with. And I think the other big concept is that we are all connected with nature. If you get those two concepts that all else will be shown to you. I can understand being draw to the Gaulish gods because I have French bloodline in me, and the druids were big in Brittany and still are. You don’t have to be all into the Brythonic gods to be a druid. In Brittany the faeries are call the korigan, and they are very small and look quite ugly in daylight, but are beautiful in moonlight. And the most wonderful thing about druidry is that it does not require or ask you to follow any particular set go gods. I definitely feel drawn to cernnunos because he was the lord of the hunt, the lord of the animals. I also like the morrigan, the goddess or war and death and change, she can bring about powerful change in your life, and also turn it upside down in the process. best star tree